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How to Write a Love Note

by Jill Rilla

Who doesn’t love a love note? A tiny, secret little message power-packed with romance and sizzle, tucked into a place where it’s sure to be found by the one you adore. A love note can deliver sexy or sweet remembrances as well as sensual hints of delights to come.

Here are 11 awesome ideas for creating your own hot little love note.
Send one to your special Valentine anytime!

1. Keep it brief.
You want your love note to be romantic and powerful, but above all, a love note is short, That’s good news for most of us, who wouldn’t write one if it meant slaving over a four-page essay. That’s what’s wonderful about a note — you will put thought and effort into it, but it delivers the message like a sweet bite of chocolate, and leaves you wanting more! Three or four sexy, sultry lines is plenty!

2. Know your audience.
Generally speaking, if you’re writing your love note to a man, you want to make it more hot and sexy than sweet and romantic. Guys dig sex, we all know this! Women do, too, but we can get seriously happy-weepy over a well-considered romantic note. That’s why we buy all those romance novels, you know. Know your audience, and target your love note specifically to them!

3. Look back.
Remember your last unbelievably steamy encounter with your lover? Of course you do, and it will make you both hot again just thinking about it. So try including a mention of it in your note. Like, “Hey, Gorgeous. I’m still thinking about how sexy you looked when we got unruly in the car after the game. Go, team.”

4. Draw a word picture.
Create an image in your lover’s mind that will turn them on and make them know just how he or she affects you. “I started thinking about you today at work, and couldn’t leave my desk until I was sure no one could see how stiff I got.” Clear picture, delivered!

5. Name your favorite body part.
And don’t necessarily go for the big ones, hah! There are soooo many erogenous zones you can choose to tell your lover about in your note. The nape of the neck, the small of the back, his incredible shoulders, her sexy mouth. Choose one and lavish your attention on it in your love note.

6. Use sexy noises.
Put your moans into your love note. Mmmm. Ahhh. Yeah, baby. Sometimes your sexy groan communicates even better than your words!

7. Think outside the paper.

All love notes don’t have to be written on paper, you know. Remember that ultra-hot pair of underwear you wore that nearly put him in traction? What if you used a marker and wrote “You Were Incredible” on them, folded them into a tiny box and left it in his messenger bag? You get the idea. And of course, there’s places like the bathroom mirror, a cell phone, and so on.

8. Make a promise.
You don’t even have to say specifically what you plan to do to and with your lover. Something like, “Hey, Beautiful. The water is steaming hot. I think you should join me in it tonight,” works wonders. Of course, you can also go the other way, and be quite naughty in your note. “I can’t wait to stroke your [you know what to put here!]… I love to see how it gets all firm and proud when I touch it!”

9. Include a tiny gift.
This is the easiest part of a love note. All it takes is a simple, tiny gift. A flower, a chocolate, a coupon for a massage, a feather, a silky scarf, a small bottle of scented massage oil, a charm or other jewelry. It should be small enough to not overpower the love note, but sexy or romantic enough to communicate your message.

10. Pick your hiding place.

Take some care in choosing where to tuck your note for later discovery, and pick a hiding spot based on how soon you want your lover to find your note. If you leave it in the novel she’s reading it may not be found if she doesn’t pick up that book again for a few days. If you want to be absolutely sure your lover gets your note on the same day, you might try taping it to his steering wheel, or slipping it into her cell phone case so that only the corner peeks out.

11. Deliver the sexy.
Always make good on your promises for romance. If you invited your lover to join you in the bath, don’t forget to turn your bathroom into an inviting little haven for the two of you and be naked and waiting! If you told her how utterly enslaved you are to her kisses, be sure to invite plenty of them. You may just find that your tiny little love note created a bigger-than-life-sized passion!

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